Fire prevention

Processing and management of documentation of fire protection

  • Incorporation into category of services without fire danger, with increased fire danger or with high fire danger;
  • Determination of organization of fire prevention;
  • Determination of the conditions of fire safety;
  • Processing of fire regulations;
  • Processing of fire alarm directives;
  • Processing of fire evacuation plans;
  • Processing of documentations of fire control; 
  • Implementation of preventive fire controls according to the sed deadlines in the processed documentation including records in the fire book; 
  • Management of fire boo.

Other activities in the field of fire prevention

  • Monitoring of the inspection dates and reviews of the allocated material resources of fire protection;
  • Ensuring of the incpections and review of the material resources of fire protection;
  • Professional support when making surveys about the placing of security and alert tables and location of material resources for fire prevention;
  • The performance of the competent person in fire protection;
  • Determination of the conditions and necessary fire measures when working with increased fire danger,
  • Issue and approval of „Instructions for work with increased fire danger according to the notice of MV no. 87/2000 Sb.“
  • Assistance during work with increased fire danger and the following supervision (notice MV no. 87/2000 Sb.);
  • Consultancy services;
  • ther services concerning Fire Prevention according to the specific and local conditions.